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Jade's Top Tips for a Lasting Manicure

Jade Angel top tips for a long lasting manicure

So it's taken a while to decide what topic my first Jade Angel blog should be about, as nails are my passion and everyone loves a good long lasting manicure, I have chosen to let you readers in on a few salon secrets that other nail technicians won't be telling you.

Top tip #1: Filing your nails the correct way

So you must of heard so many times that filing your nails in one direction stops your nails from splitting. What they don't tell you is to bevel. What is bevelling I hear you say ???? Bevelling is done by using a file, pointing downwards, smoothing the layers of the nail back together removing all those irritating excess nail shavings. 

PS: Doing this will stop your nails from catching on clothes which often results in peeling and chipping.

Top tip #2: Creating the perfect surface!

If you visit a salon regularly, you will notice we use a filing block to smooth out ridges on the nail. Doing this once a month is fine, but if you are doing this every week at home it can make the nails very thin and week so regular use of this it not advisable.

PS: This gives the polish an abrasive surface to bond with.

Top tip #3: Dehydrating the nail!

Any oil or grease on the nail before polish application will result in peeling and chipping. Using a nail dehydrator will remove this and create the perfect surface for your base coat. You can buy this from your local Sally's salon supplier or online. 

PS: Use tissue to apply this to the nail and make sure you use a nail brush to remove any access fibres left behind (you don't want this to ruin your work of art).

Top tip #4: Sealing the edge

 This is the biggest mistake, I have lost count of the number of experienced technicians I have seen not doing this. Once you have painted one full nail with only a very small amount on the end of your brush cover the end of your nail. This should be done with base coat, colour and topcoat.

PS: This can increase the life of your manicure to 5 days and more. 

Top tip #5: Base coat 

                        After over 20 years in the beauty industry, I have spent a long time trying to find a good base coat, to give my clients the longest lasting manicure. I now use Morgan Taylor "stick with it" base coat it is the best. Using a base coat of poor quality can ruin the whole manicure. 

PS: Base coat stops your nails from yellowing and protects from harsh chemicals that are in some polishes.

Top tip #6: Top coat

 We all want that great quick drying, shiny, no chip topcoat that really does what it says on the bottle. The first top coat I ever used was Seche Vite. I still swear by this now it is the best on the market, I never use anything else. 

PS: It is recommended you sit for at least 20 minutes for your nails to dry. So make sure you plan to do you nails when you have enough time. 

Top tip #7: Oil

Don't forget oil. Clients always ask me what's the difference between oil and cream? Well, the oil I use on my clients is CND Solar oil, I've been using it since I first qualified as a nail technician all those many moons ago, it has jojoba oil and vitamin E. These ingredients enable the oil to penetrate into the nail and the cuticle area. Perfumes and alcohol in creams dry cuticles and crack the polish.

PS: Oil prevents your nails from peeling and splitting and should be used daily. 

I hope these basic tips assist you in getting the most from your DIY manicure. 
Thats it from me for now. See you soon with more great tips ideas and trends that are happening in the world of nails and beauty. 

Love Jade x

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