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Top 5 Benefits of having a Facial - Alyse Olivia

Hello Beautiful People !!

Have you ever wondered what a facial can do for you?

             Most people don't have an understanding of the benefit of regular facials and good home care.

            Having been in this industry for several years now, I would like to pass on a better understanding for you to achieve optimal skin health and radiate goodness

           People tend to wait until a skin issue occurs or a special occasion arises before they book for a facial. Whilst this is okay, your skin concerns can be minimised or avoided with regular facials and good home care.

So here are my benefits of a facial - especially for a busy, polluted city like London. 

1. Anti-Aging. There is no way to stop aging, there are treatments and technology that may slow and soften the aging process to offer more supple, youthful skin.

2. Deep Cleanse. Where necessary extractions can be performed to get rid of blackheads, extractions are best performed by hand - Aside from comfort it is safer and less irritating on the skin.

           3. Increased circulation. Along with adequate hydration and nutrition helps develop and maintain   new skin cells resulting in brighter, clearer, healthier skin.

4. Time to Unwind! Our lives are fast paced (especially Londoners) and never feel as though you have time to yourself. A facial is a
guaranteed 30min-1 hour or pure uninterrupted pampering to help you destress.

5. Great skin! There are many contributing factors to lacklustre skin, such as environment, poor diet, stress and natural aging. A facial helps your skin get what it needs to topically replenish and restore the skin to the best version of itself!


           A facial is recommended every 4-8 weeks for maintenance. If there were a specific concern to be treated the therapist would give you a series of treatments and advise you how often you should have these facials done before moving onto maintenance. At the bare minimum you should be having a facial at least 4 x a year, timing in with the change of seasons - although regular is key for clearer, smoother more radiant skin throughout the year.


            Now as much as I love a good facial and great home care you will not get the best results from your skin if it does not receive the right nutrients to keep it functioning correctly and at it's best! Nutrition is the building blocks for the skin. Imagine building a house without its foundation to sit on. Will you get the best lasting results for your house? See more on Jade's Nutrition blog.

After many years of experience we have chosen to use Dermalogica and Crystal Clear products for our facials. If would like to find out more about our services you can click these
links- Dermalogica facials or Crystal Clear. You can always call the salon on 0203 3024671 and speak to a real person if you don't get an answer to your question.

Thats is from me for now.

Love Alyse x