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Party Season is here: The low down on spray tans-by Alyse Olivia

With the Holiday season approaching who doesn't love to add a little colour to this grey, cold season. Warm up this Winter with a nice 'Christmas glow' with a Sienna X Spray Tan.
To get the best results from a spray tan make sure you are exfoliating and moisturising regularly. This makes your skin as fresh, smooth and as nourished as possible. Regular exfoliation would be with a body scrub or body gloves/mit 2-3x weekly in a circular upwards motion.

Moisturiser should be applied everyday to ensure your skin maintains and locks in moisture.
On the day of the spray tan you need to make sure any waxing or shaving is done 24 hours prior or shaving a minimum of 8 hours prior to avoid spray tan solution collecting around the follicles.Be sure to have loose dark clothes to pop on after, footwear should be open or loose fitting. Make sure you have no moisturiser, deodorant or perfume on the day as this can potentially prevent tan from adhering correctly or discolour it.

When having a spray tan the therapist will run through the process to get ready and leave you to get changed. Most people tend to go bra-less and wear the disposable underwear available. However you can choose to wear your own. If you go bra-less it is recommended not to wear a bra directly after.  The therapist will get you to do various poses as she applies the tan. It's a little bit like learning a new dance! Upon finishing the tan she will check you are happy with the results. After you have dried off for a little while it is advised to go home and wait a minimum of 8 hours until you wash it off.  

VoilĂ ! Beautiful colour in just  matter of hours.Moisturise daily to maintain the tan and help it fade off smoothly. If you want to try and prolong the colour a gradual tanning moisturiser is recommended.
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Have a fantastic Holiday season and we shall see you soon!

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All the best.  Ax