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Step-by-step: Artistic Colour Gloss in French

French Polish with Artistic Colour Gloss (gel polish) 

Well hello beautiful angels, its been a while but I am back with bundles of new ideas to keep you interested in the blog posts. Lots have changed/evolved since I last wrote. Apart from the ever expanding salon, services and training academy, as a Louellabelle educator I have now been given the very prestigious title of Artistic Angel. I have therefore, decided I will be posting some basic step-by-step instructions of the kind of things you can expect to learn on our courses for all you budding nail technicians out there. Not forgetting anyone wanting to try one of our fantastic services we provide at the Jade Angel salon so you can get an idea of the kind of high standard you can expect.

This blog post will be covering a classic French polish. The great thing about this look is it goes with everything you wear and never gets old. The finish is so clean and natural. 

Step 1: Ensure your hands are sanitised using a sanitizer spray I currently use Salon Systems from Sally’s. 

Step 2: Prepare the nails by removing any old polish, pushing cuticles back, removing any lose non living tissue, filling and buffing. Ensuring the nails are smooth and free from debris.

Step 3: Use pH nail prep to remove moisture and oils on the surface of the nail plate. This helps achieve better adhesion by pH balancing the nail.

Step 4: Use Soak off Bonding Gel as your basecoat. This creates the adhesion between the natural keratin in the nail plate and gel colour. Place into your LED Pro 30 lamp for 10 seconds.

 Step 5: Dry brush your bonding gel I used Artistic Nail Design 9 Gel Square. This helps reduce shrinkage and slipping of colour on the surface of the nail.

 Step 5: Apply your base colour, I have used Peach Whip.


Step 6: Using the 9 Gel Oval brush, sweep over the free edge where you plan to paint your white tip. Place into your LED Pro 30 lamp for 30 seconds.

 Step 7:  Apply your white tip, I have used Bride. Use your 9 Gel Oval brush to tidy up any uneven smile lines. Place into your LED Pro 30 lamp for 30 seconds.

 Step 8: Apply Glossing gel as your topcoat. Place into your LED Pro 30 lamp for 30 seconds.

 Step 9: Use Nail Surface cleanser remove the sticky layer.

Step 10: Condition with revive cuticle oil.

 Here is the finished result:

That’s it from me for now.

Remember to Love what we do !

Jade x

All the products and tools I have used here are from Artistic Nail Design apart from the hand sanitizer. You can message us directly for more details.

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