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All you need to know: LVL lashes by Sarah Lambert

Hello reader!

Welcome to our first blog about LvL lashes.

Sarah, our senior therapist and lash technician has been doing Lvl since March and you have loved it! Positive results every time and it's relaxing for you to have. In this blog, we will tell you how LvL lash lifting works, general advice including aftercare and pre treatment,also have some pictures to show off the end results. 

How does it work?

LvL lash list works by using the lifting lotion to break down the disulfide bonds of the lashes which gives the lashes their structure and shape. We then set the lashes into position using the volumising fix, this sets the bonds back into a shape, in this case the lift. Once this process is finished, we can tint the lashes. It does come within the treatment but if you would rather not have them done just let Sarah know. By tinting, this then darkens the root and tip of the hair which is where most natural pigment is minimal. As you've had the lift and tint, this will show off the full length of the natural lash and enhances the lighter bits of the lashes giving the longer affect. At the end of the treatment, we always use the moisturising serum to recondition and rehydrate the lashes as the have just been through a chemical process. This helps them return back to as natural as they were before.

Pre Treatment Advice

Before you come for your treatment, you are required to have a 24 hours path test. This is a small amount of product applied to the skin behind the ear and left stone. Alternatively, you can pop in the salon and pick up a patch test kit to do it yourself at home. 

On the day, please remember not to wear any make up (24hour before if using waterproof mascara) as any product left on the lashes can act as a barrier and stop the lashes from lifting well or lifting at all. 

Post Treatment Advice 

Leave your lashes alone! Don't touch them for 24 hours. Avoiding manipulating them so try and sleep on your back and don't play with them. Avoid mascara for 24-48hours. Don't get them wet so avoid swimming, not too hot shower/baths as the steam will settle on the lashes and make them drop. 

After 24hours, wash your face and lashes as normal and you will wash off the remaining serum which will then make the lashes fan out to be as natural as before. Avoid using lashes curlers as you don't want to damage the disulfide bonds.

A tint is recommend after 3/4 weeks to maintain the look. LvL is recommended 6-8weeks but tinting I'm between will prolong the effect getting the most out of your LvL.