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Artistic Nail Design - Putty Nails by Jade Evangelou

This blog is for all our lovely students and clients that want to know about a new and exciting product, that will be launched at The Professional Beauty show 25th & 26th of February, by Louellabelle.

We are very happy to introduce the revolutionary product that is Artistic Putty to our extensive list of training courses for our students and services to our Jade Angel salon menu.

As some of you know I am central London’s educator for Louellabelle, who distribute and provide training for Artistic Nail Design and number of other high end nail products. 

Back in August, I received some direct training with one of my all time favourite nail icons, Executive Vice President and Creative Director Alisha Rimando. I couldn't wait to get my hands on putty and do a whole set on one of my clients. 

I couldn’t contain my excitement as I opened my Christmas present from the big bosses at Louellabelle, and saw an intro training kit for putty. Still with the lab sticker on, I was feeling particular important, as one of the select few chosen to practice and try out on real people :) 

This product has seriously blown my mind away. I believe it's going to take the industry to the next level it's so easy and quick to use, I hate to say it but acrylic (as I'm old school and still love) may take a back seat especially for all the new nail techs coming through. 

I have to say I am very impressed, I found that the way it doesn't move until you move it and only sets when you cure under a LED light is pure genius. I consider myself as a perfectionist, and couldn’t resist playing with it for what felt like forever, well until my shape was practically perfect. Once cured under the LED light, I took my forms off and began filing. I was worried that I would file the putty too much, as it is much softer than acrylic and even softer than hard gel. I started to think there's no way these are going to last, expecting a phone call a few days later from my client saying that she had broke a few. I was pleasantly surprised to see that 3 weeks later, all nails where there no chips, cracks and no lifting. She was also happy appreciating all the compliments from her friends saying how beautiful and natural her new nails looked.

So for me Putty is an absolute success and I can't wait to share with the world:)

I have included a few steps below so you guys can get on idea on what to expect when coming onto our intro course which is the 4th March. Please follow this link for prices Putty

For our lovely clients that want to try the latest product to hit the market before anyone else, you can book on line through our website here SALON

1.Clients hands before

2.After prepping the nail

Use Nail prep to pH balance the nail

3. Use Opening act to prime the nails

4. Here was my trial kit 

5. I used Artistic get bent nail forms 

6. Nails with putty on before sculpting

7. After sculpting 

8. In the Artistic Pro360

9. After filing

10. Finish using Artistic Elegance and Gorgeous 

You can purchase any products mentioned above by clicking on the link Louellabelle shop

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. 

Any questions don't hesitate to email me at jade@jadeangel.co.uk