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Written for Nabuno: Social Media and How to Make It Work For Your Business: by Jade Evangelou

20 years ago, the best way to advertise your business was the Yellow Pages. I remember back then an advert that cost £150 a year would get me 5 calls a day. It was that simple. Boy, have things changed. When starting up your own business, you have to accept that to be successful you have to be up to date with all the latest social media platforms and how the algorithms work to get you the most exposure. When we first launched Jade Angel 7 years ago Facebook was the main way we got our business noticed through social media.  However, shortly after this, Instagram started to make an impact. These days, with being able to share on multiple platforms, Facebook for us is being left in the shadows and I have never really got the hang of Twitter. 

I remember that a client of ours was a famous radio DJ at the time and was persistent about Instagram being the up-and-coming place to advertise.  This is when our love for Instagram started.  If you go back to the very beginning, our pictures and posts were, to put it mildly, a little lame. But these days they are colourful and give us a great platform to showcase our talent, services and latest news.  Stories on Instagram has been a great angle that clients love, with the goings on that day and the little videos of how we do nail art are going down a storm. We post pictures of nails and tag clients in them, which makes the clients feel appreciated, and we also do monthly competitions in order to attract clients both new and regular. Another great way to use Instagram is to follow and invite influencers with a high number of followers to have treatments for free and for them to then post your work and their visit tagging you.  You can also post them on your stories and feed.  Recently, we had Sandi from Gogglebox and she was great fun.

I want to grow authentic followers, that actually like us and our work, not pay for them.  I’m not going to lie, gaining followers is a job in itself with following people, posting on the feed, stories, comments (the list goes on).  It seems an endless job which requires interaction several times a day, but this is the way our world is working right now.  Instagram today, who knows what the next platform will be tomorrow, but moving with the times is essential. 

Jade Evangelou has been in the nail and beauty industry for over 20 years. She is an educator, entrepreneur and owner of award-winning Central London salon Jade Angel.

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