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Salon success: How easy is it? - by Jade Evangelou

When we started our little salon with one desk, I had always been a big dreamer, for as long as I could remember. However, I never really believed that I would achieve the future I have created.

Last year we won a Scratch Star award - Nail Environment of the year! which was an amazing experience. This year we have made finalists, for nail salon of the year which last year was awarded to Co Co nail salon, a salon that I previously worked for eight years ago as a nail tech. Some may consider this as the Oscars of the nail industry, so we as a team are particularly proud. 

So much has changed in a relatively short amount of time, and it's so important to remember where you first started, and who has helped along the way.
It's been 7 years now and we have loved every single minute. 

When people ask where your salon is and you explain, the response is always "wow what a location! The rent and rates must be huge." And we as team have made it happen :)
When we first started I always knew that our plans would have to work with me and my husband growing our family, because I believe what's the point if you can't leave a legacy?
People would try to put me off, saying it was impossible to achieve salon success with a young family, how are you going to work these late hours with small children, you will miss them. 
Yes I do miss them, lucky enough I have my angel husband (Angelo, the Angel in Jade Angel) who is behind the scenes. We decided right from the start that if we were going to have children one of us had to give up work to be there for them. Finding a partner that has the same vision as you, when you have a young family, is vital to keep balance. 

Leaving my kids at 9am and coming home at 10pm almost everyday is the hardest thing I have ever had to do I mean look at those faces, that I wave goodbye to every morning. 

What I keep focusing on, is what are we inspiring them to do? Being a great role model for your children is so important in teaching them to be and do anything they want, to fulfil their wildest dreams. 

I moved from Southampton 10 years ago, so we didn't really know anyone to assist us in building the brand. We have done this all organically together. Team work is the key word! Not just my husband and I but also the team.
We have worked with several, great therapists and nail techs, over the years but it is inevitable that people come and go, especially after such a long period and being in the centre of London which also so transient. I want to inspire people to do amazing things with their life, everyone has the right to live their true purpose and passion. Without a great team we wouldn't be here now and this just wouldn't be possible.
One person that has been with us through thick and thin is Simi (4 years now). She is the assistant manager and assists daily with salon challenges, and training other team members. Its so important to have people that you can trust around you, also them having the same vision and views is the icing on the cake! 

The team together are around 6, Whom are carefully interviewed and chosen, for good vibes, skills and customer service. We're like one big family and a collaboration where we all love our job, which is then reflected on the clients experience. 

My usual day consists of recruitment, marketing, social media activity, planning for future business, general running of the salon and - my first love - creating great nails and changing lives of the clients and all staff that come into contact with us. Thinking of ways we can get the salon more exposure, doing events, photo shoots and giving educational advice, as well as attending many seminars and training courses. 

Once a month we hold a teaching class in collaboration with Artistic Nail Design and Louellabelle. I belive that it is our ultimate purpose to share knowledge that has helped us to help others. 

Myself and my husband have a constant desire to grow both professional and personally, We don't want our life's to end thinking we did'nt do all we could!

Thank you for reading, and here are some pictures of the fabulous team members we have worked with, the past and present.