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1. What is microblading?

Microblading is an advanced permanent makeup technique that has been used for hundreds of years in Asia. Microblading is also known as 3D Brows, embroidery, Japanese Technique. This method uses so called Pen with needles to implant the pigment in order to create truly subtle strokes, which give the effect of natural hairs. Eyebrows done using this technique get a really natural effect, which is impossible to get with the mechanical method.

2. Who is it for?

It is for all women who want to give their eyebrows the desired shape without doing morning makeup every day. It is also an offer for ladies, who have lost their eyebrows as a result of chemotherapy or who want to cover scars, who have asymmetrical eyes, go to the swimming pools or fitness clubs regularly, or simply don't want to waste their time on makeup in the morning. Microblading will be perfect for people that want to arch their eyebrows a little bit more, give them shape, colour and, thicken' the gaps where their natural hairs won't grow.

3. How is microblading done step by step

Microblading is performed by means of sterile blades consisting of flat disposable needles joined together. By means of the blade, the pigment is deposited into the spinous (prickly) layer of the skin, thus imitating the natural hairs in a subtle way; its depth reaches from 0.6 to 1.2mms.

4. What are the contraindications?

Not everyone can have his or her eyebrows microbladed. It is not allowed if you are pregnant or lactating. The procedure cannot be done if you have a cancerous disease, hemophilia, psoriasis, epilepsy, and unregulated diabetes or thyroid. The procedure is not performed in clients who take blood-thinning medicines, for example, aspirin or steroids.

5. How long does the effect last?

Everything depends on the client's type of skin, post-procedural care and other factors. Dry skin absorbs the pigment really fast. With this type of skin the pigmentation has a more lasting effect. Oily skin requires a few corrections, that type of skin doesn't absorb the pigment easily.
It is recommended that you have a colour refresh procedure on average once a year.

Microblading+shading (mix) 300
Shading (Ombre) 350

Semi-permanent make up

Semi-permanent makeup is a convenient and practical alternative way to applying and removing makeup a daily Basic. It is a cosmetic technique, which involves injecting special pigments into the out layers of epidermis. Other names for it are: permanent cosmetics, dermapigmentation, micropigmentation. The aim of the procedure is to produce various and long- lasting designs on the skin that will improve our appearance. With permanent makeup you can do beautiful and perfect eye lining, correct the contours of lips, decorate eyelids or improve the shape of eyebrow lines. The procedure is sometimes used to draw artificial eyebrows in the case of people who have lost them as a consequence of disease, old age, chemotherapy or a genetic disorder. Quite often this is a way to hide scars and white spots on the skin such as vitiligo. The effects of the permanent makeup last for a few years. Results

According to the client's wishes, the results of permanent makeup can imitate a traditional makeup or look different. It all depends on shape and design as well as the kind and colour of the pigment. Shortly after a dermapigmentation treatment, the results may not be all that satisfactory, because the dye remains in the outer epidermal layer and usually looks rather more intensive than expected. Very often we can also see some swelling or irritation of the skin. Fortunately, after a few days' colours soften, upper layers of epidermis peel off so the client can enjoy a new and better appearance.

Permanent makeup remains in the dermis for a certain period of time that may be influenced by several possible factors:

  • The kind of equipment
  • The type of pigment used
  • The treatment protocol
  • The specific reaction of the skin
  • Exposure to the sun
  • Individual skin tone

Any permanent makeup fades over a period of time. It needs occasional touch-ups to keep it looking good, otherwise it will discolor or partly disappear after some time.

Eyebrow Shading450
Bottom eyeliner250
Full lip colour 400


Day make-up60
Evening make-up80
Eyelashes extension25
Bridal 150 (trial session 100)
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