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Cyrano Sunbed @ Jade Angel

Now at Jade Angel, we now have a lay-down sunbed for you all to try (as long as you are over 18 that is ). With 38 tubes and 3 facial bulbs our brand new Cryano lay down sunbed will get you glowing in no time. Whether you want to build up a natural tan in preparation for a holiday or just to feel good then come and visit us today for a session.
This machine is easy to use with Smart Touch Menu and easily understandable icons so there is no confusion. It also features Contour Plus, Sound Around Plus, Bluetooth, My MP3 and Smart voice.

What is Contour Plus?

This feature supports your body in a ergonomic way.

What is Sound Around?

Listen to your music all around and not just rom one corner of the bed.

What is Bluetooth?

A method of connecting your device to our device.

What is My MP3 ?

Plug in your phone and play your own music.


Upon arrival, our salon will welcome you and show you to the sunbed room. You will be required to fill in a client consultation form so we understand your needs and check your suitability .
Each session you must wear eye protection which will be provided. When tanning naked, make sure your protect the areas which aren't usually exposed such as underarms, buttocks and genital area. Do not ever be tempted to exceed the recommended times or frequenting the tanning too often on the mistaken belief that the more sunbed time the deeper the tan, this will not help and will harm your skin due to over exposure to UV.

How it works?

The outer layer of the skin (epidermis) is where the tanning process occurs. UVB light stimulates special cells in the epidermis, called melanocytes to produce a pigment called melanin. The pigment moves through epidermis while at the same time being absorbed by surrounding skin cells. UVA acts upon the melanin near the surface by oxidising it. This turns the melanin brown and creates what we know as a tan and is part of your tanning process. Not instantaneous, melanin production takes time and a number of short sessions of UV exposure are needed.
Everyone has the same number of melanocytes (about 5 million), but genetics and heredity are what determine exactly how much pigment will be produced. Two pigments are actually produced: the brown eumelanin and the yellow/red phaeomelanin. People with red or ginger hair naturally tend to produce more phaeomelanin, which is why they find it difficult to tan. Interestingly people who suffer from albinoism are not able to produce melanin because they do not have the enzyme tyrosine present.
Nothing last forever and this holds true for our skin. Our skin sheds itself daily and every month a new epidermis has completely generated. Although as we lose skin cells so we close what tan we have. A tan has to be maintained, and if lost, completely built up again from scratch.

Tanning Guidlines

Never force a tan - once a day only and 48hours advised between sessions, this includes indoor and outdoor tanning.
If you are taking medication, consult your doctor prior to having a sun bed as some medication can be photosensitive to UV rays which will then cause side effects.
Always wear tanning goggles/eye protection as closing your eyes is not enough to protect from harmful side effects such as cataracts or cornea damage.
Follow the skin type advisory to determine how long you should use the sunbed equipment for.
Ensure that you moisturise your skin with tan enhancer that has been specifically developed for indoor tanning. It's important to use moisturiser before and after a session because this will reduce the drying effects of UV exposure when tanning. The tanning enhancers is an essential part of the tanning experience. They minimise the length of sessions needed as they usually contain Tyrosine, which encourages the skin to produce melanin more quickly or a small amount of the self tanning ingredient DHA which ‘bronzes’ the skin. The moisturising effect of the lotion prevents dry skin and promotes the longevity of your tan. Most tanning lotions contain ingredients such as Vitamin E to counteract the ageing effects of UV rays. To tan smart, you should always use a tan enhancer. Skin naturally reflects UV rays so using a cream helps breaks down the barrier for the light to penetrate for a deeper tan.

About Cyrano

Cyrano are the UK’s leading supplier of all things tanning: sun beds, tanning lotions, salon essentials, parts and accessories for over 20 years.
Over the course of the last 20 years, Cyrano has lead the UK tanning industry with its extensive product offering and friendly customer service.


Per Minute - £1.40 (individual)


3 Minutes
6 Minutes
9 Minutes
12 Minutes
30 Minutes
60 Minutes
120 Minutes

Sienna X Spray Tan

Sienna X is a leading brand in spray tanning and also waxing.
They create premium beauty products for both professional use and the retail market.
In 2004, they set out with the aim of providing salons and mobile therapists with the very best equipment and spray tan solutions - outstripping any fake tan products their clients would find on the high street. This led to the invention of the mobile tanning booth and the later the formulation of their award-winning spray tan solutions, self tan range, kit packages and professional waxes.
Quality is always at the forefront of everything Sienna X does. Their spray tan solutions and waxes are carefully formulated within the UK and their professional training courses are the highest rated in the industry. This focus on detail had led to critical acclaim within the industry. Having won the Guild Awards for 9 Years running, Sienna X has become the go-to brand for both therapists and customers alike. This success has also provided the opportunity to work with a wide range go celebrities, bloggers and TV shows, including Strictly Come Dancing.

Pre Tan Advice

- Come to your tan as if you have stepped out the shower and dried. No Deodorant, No Make Up, No Perfume. (We do have baby wipes at hand if oyu are coming from work)
- Exfoliate and concentrate on knees, elbows and ankles. This will allow tan to develop on fresh skin and therefore lasting longer.
- Leave jewellery at home if possible (So you don't have to remove in salon and possibly forget to take it home)
- Wear/Bring loose dark clothing and flip flops or open shoes to avoid rubbing causing tan lines.
- Tie up your hair. We will offer you a hairnet to protect your hair also. - We will offer you a disposable paper thong but if you wish to leave your own underwear on, just remember tan will be sprayed on them.

Post Tan Aftercare:

- Leave tan on for 8hours minimum (Overnight Preferably)
- Wash off thoroughly.
- Moisturise as much as possible. Twice a day is recommended.
- Exfoliate lightly after 3/4 days as this will help the tan fade evenly and brighten up your skin as this will remove old/dead skin.
- Pat dry when drying from shower - NO RUBBING! This will rub off some skin along with tan. - Wear your tan with pride! Don't be afraid to show off some skin now you have a colour.


Full Body Spray Tan - £30