Jade has been working with crystals and sound, tapping into different energetic vibrations for over 20 years. Energetic alchemy refers to the transmutation of energies from heaviness/negative to a light/positive and more balanced state. This done by using ancient Shamanic practices from the Amazon in Peru as well as Sound and Crystal healing.


Jade uses energetic alchemy to assist others in finding unique healing abilities inside themselves. We all have the ability to activate this healing, wether it be through, emotional, mental, physical or spiritual work. Jade’s work mainly focuses on the spiritual and emotional level, which once is in balance the mental and physical becomes easier to navigate.


This is an invitation for you to come on a healing journey with Jade either in her North London location or a visit to your own space. She will then cleanse the energetic body through the use of different, sounds, frequencies and vibrations, to achieve a more balanced peaceful state. Using a combination of skills and tools,  Jade is able to facilitate a deep meditative state which the individual can totally relax often gaining insight into personal energy blocks that have been holding them back.


Jades says, “I believe that everyone has the power to heal themselves and I want to provide the tools and a jump start, into others activating their very own healing powers”.


Please call Jade directly on 07766771951 for a complimentary consultation.