Group Sound Bath with Hapé and Sananga Circle

Sananga is commonly made from the roots and bark of Tabernaemontana undulata, a shrub which is found in Brazil and other South American countries. The bark and root is ground into a very fine powder and then extracted into a juice.

From the indigenous point of view, hapé is a sacred shamanic snuff medicine taken through the nose with profound healing effects. Hapé is made from different medicinal plants for different purposes – to induce visions, to have energy, and to enhance the senses with the aromatic fragrance of the plants used in the blend.


After experiencing the most life profound changes working with the amazing spirit of KAMBO I have been called to share it with the rest of the world ! Kambo has a way of showing you what it is you need to work on to move forwards, its power and magic in my opinion is so deep there are no words to describe its magnificence.

Group Sound Bath and Cacao Ceremony

Our main location is Vo2 Gym in Palmers Green, every 2nd Sunday.

However, we attend special appearances that will be listed in the diary.

Maximum 15 people  You will be taken on a 2 hour sound bath with cacao ceremony. With the use of many different ancient and crystalline sounds, as well as using vibrations of essential oils and herbs.