Geranium & Frankincense, Lapis Lazuli & Ruby 100ml


This spray was created with, empowering the user in mind. Promoting, feelings of strength and power to follow your dreams and believe in yourself. With each spray comes, vibrations of confidence and courage, happiness and positivity affecting all that use it. May it be to empower you to be more confident in yourself, or give you courage to say no to settling for less. At some point in life all of us could do with a little assistance in becoming empowered.

Essential oil: A blend of geranium, frankincense, cypress and clove, have been used to encourage emotional effects of determination, confidence and empowerment to the user.

Crystals: Lapis lazuli and ruby essence which have been charged in the full moon has been used to harness energies of strength and power for the user.

Ingredients: Water, Alcohol, Crystal Essence, Pelargonium Gravedens Flower (Geranium Egypt oil), Cupressus Sempervivens Leaf (Cypress Oil), Lavendula Anguvstifolia Flower (Lavender Croation Oil), Eugenia Caryophyllus Bud (Clove Oil), Boswellia carterii Oil (Frankincense).