Moodmists Launch Blog

Hi there,

I’m Jade and it’s lovely to see you in my healing and restorative safe space on the internet – welcome!

I have always been (what I understand now) to be divinely guided to the incredible power of plant medicine, crystal & sound healing and aromatherapy oils which is why I decided to turn my successful salon business into working with what I love in order to share my wisdom to uplift and empower others.

I felt compelled during my meditation practice to create a product I could share with the world in order to keep our individual and collective vibrations high, to safeguard our energies and fulfil happiness and peace within ourselves.

Not one to do things by halves, I created a six-piece first collection – my wonderful Jade Angel Moodmists.

Each mist is lovingly handcrafted by me with a combination of individually selected essential oils and crystal essence powered by the light of each full moon. Water is magical in so many ways, but it is able to store energy and emotions. Purified water is left overnight to bask in the moon’s power, and it absorbs the energy of the crystals submerged within it. This allows me to harness the power of crystals in a sustainable way without the mining and destruction required to obtain the raw material each time.

Below is an edited snapshot of each carefully bespoke scent with wider product descriptions here on the website.


– EMPOWER – created to promote feelings of strength, power and inspire the confidence to follow your dreams. Geranium & Frankincense and Lapis Lazuli & Ruby crystal essence encourage determination, inner conviction and harness the energy of strength and power.

– CLARITY – for times of particular confusion and inner turmoil. Sage & Rosemary and Amethyst and Citrine crystal essence encourage simplicity of thought and elation with the energy of intuition and creativity.

– ENERGIZE – for when you need a real supportive and uplifting boost. Lemongrass & Peppermint and Tourmalated Quartz & Carnelian crystal essence promote the healing energies of motivation & vitality of body and spirit.

– PEACE – to provide respite from the world. Lavender & Jasmine and Amethyst and Amazonite crystal essence combine to promote contentment and soothing to a wild mind.

– LOVE – is absolutely, everything. Orange & Ylang Ylang and Rose Quartz and Aventurine crystal essence support building genuine connections and the activating energy of the heart.

– BALANCE – Imbalance of our emotions and energy is one of the primary stressors in everyday life. Melissa & Palmarosa and Fluorite & Blue Lace Agate crystal essence promote a smooth flow of energy throughout the body as well as seeing true balance in the world around us.

The Moostmist Collection will be launching on Friday 2nd April to purchase and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Jade x