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Congratulations you have made a courageous step forward in your human journey to wholeness by choosing to journey with yourself and the Traditional Amazonian Medicine called Kambo.

I am Jade, after experiencing the most life profound changes working with the amazing spirit of KAMBO I have been called to share it with the rest of the world ! Kambo has a way of showing you what it is you need to work on to move forwards, its power and magic in my opinion is so deep there are no words to describe its magnificence.

Below is some important information you will need to know before you embark on the journey and properly prepare for your session. Please review the information carefully and feel free to contact me directly on 07766771951 or email jade@jadeangel.co.uk for any further questions. Before a commitment is made I will contact you to ensure that all the information is read, there are no health concerns and there is an understanding of what this magical journey entails. 

After being introduced to Kambo, you may find that the spirit of the frog starts to present itself to you through messages that pop up in your normal daily activities and or dreams. You may also find that particular subjects or issues may arise for you to start working on whilst beginning your journey. When the frog starts to call you, you will know 🙂 It is important to pay attention to any thoughts that may pop up journaling can be a great aid in the Kambo process. 

What is it?

Kambo, otherwise known as Sapo in Spanish or Kampu, is the secretion from the Giant Green Monkey Tree Frog (Phyllomedusa Bicolor) that is nocturnal and lives in the upper region on the Amazon rainforest basin. The frog is not harmed in any way, and willingly gives their secretion to tribesman whom are specifically trained, to call the frogs down from the trees and then gently remove the secretion from their bodies, before releasing them back into the wild. The secretion, which contains a cocktail of powerful bioactive peptides, neuropeptides and alkaloids, travels around the body and the lymphatic system, cleaning out previously stored toxins from the cells. This results in a number of positive benefits for the receiver’s mind, body and soul.
Kambo is a purgative medicine that is used in ceremony and assists us in releasing what no longer serves, cleansing and detoxing, releasing stagnant energy and clearing blockages. Kambo is not a psychoactive substance and it is not a toxin or poison. 

What is it used for ?

The indigenous tribes have been using Kambo for many reasons. Physically it is used to fight disease and illness, as a remedy for snake and other venomous bites, to heal fevers and to increase fertility. It is also used before a hunt by the tribesmen to sharpen the senses and increase physical prowess. Spiritually it is used to remove ‘panema’, which the tribes define as dark, heavy or negative energies that manifest as sickness, bad luck, depression, laziness and a clouded mind. By removing ‘panema’, a person is free to live an abundant life full of good fortune, vitality and to stay in peak physical and mental condition.

In the Western world there are many different reasons that people are deciding to work with this amazing medicine. Although science is only just beginning to reveal the true potential of Kambo and its powers, some of the benefits reported include the following, and the list is not limited. 

*Improve immunity
*Improve well being
*Improve spiritual health
*Clear negative energies
*Help with trauma
*Help with addictions
*Help with physical problems
*Pain Relief
*All round good luck


What makes Phyllomedusa bicolor secretion more amazing than anything is that there are powerful mixture of compounds including, over 100 identified peptides, which are short chain amino acids, like proteins and these amino acids are the building blocks of life. Peptide animal studies have suggested no toxicity to liver, kidney, brain or other cells. The peptides have been found to have measurable health effects, and a great interest to pharmaceutical companies. There are now over 70 peptide patents recorded, in the hope that the lab can reproduce the effects synthetically. However, in experiments the naturally occurring peptides from the secretion often outperform the synthetic copies. The peptides are welcomely invited into the cells, unlike pharmaceutical medicines which force their way in. The peptides then bond to cell receptors which have important functions in the body. Some of the well known peptides are endorphins, oxytocin and insulin. 

There are two types of peptides in the secretion, Bioactive peptides (effects on the body) and Neuropeptide (effects on the brain). The peptides clean previous stored toxins from the cells with ease, where most foreign substances are rejected. It’s a theory that the evacuation of toxins by the cells is what brings on the feelings of being unwell. 

Here are some of major peptides and what their roles are:. 


Causes the rapid contraction of intestinal muscles and is a big part of the purging of toxins

Phyllokinin and and Phllyomedusin

Both of these are a vasodilators and may influence blood-brain permeability, enhancing mediation of communication between the central nervous system (CNS) and the periphery.

Phyllocaerulein and Sauvagine

Stimulates the adrenal cortex and pituitary gland which are responsible for the increase in stamina and heighten sensory. Sauvagine also is important in modulating stress, mood and impulsive behavior. They produce an analgesic effect and enhance-ability to manage physical pain and stress. They have also been positively reported effects in those with renal colic and cancer.

Dermorphins and Deltorphins

Are opioid-like peptides, Both these peptides have strong analgesic, pain-blocking properties and are 1000 times more potent than morphine and endorphins.  


Have incredible antibiotic activity and have been found to be effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa, as well as anti-inflammatory effects. 

The peptides in Kambo cover a wide range of potential medical uses including: 

*blood circulation problems
*vascular insufficiency
*organ diseases
*skin and eye issues
*fertility problems
*brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s”s


The tribes of the amazon including the Katukina, Kaxinawa ,Yawanawa, Mates, Matis have all been uniquely using Kambo for thousands of years. 

The legend has it that the tribes medicine man named Kampu of the Kaxinawà, a tribe from deep in the jungle decided to drink the plant brew Ayahuasca, after his tribe had fallen ill and all his normal remedies didn’t work. The master teacher plant bought the vision of the Monkey tree frog, how to harvest it and how to use it. Kampu took this knowledge and wisdom back to the tribe and healed them. After his death, his spirit lived on in the frog, where it continued its mission to protect the health of those who defend the forest. It’s in Kampu’s honour, that this magical medicine is called Kambo. A french priest Constantine Tastevin first discovered Kambo in 1925 whilst staying with a tribe in Brazil. It was much later, Italian scientist (who also discovered Serotonin), Vittorio Erspamer of the University of Rome first analysed Kambo in the laboratory. In 1986, he wrote that it contains a ‘fantastic chemical cocktail with potential medical applications, unequalled by any other amphibian’. He was referring to the super abilities of the peptides found in the secretion.

Contraindicated Health Conditions

Like most treatments, there are a number of conditions where it is advised not to receive KAMBO and these are the following. If there is anything you are not sure about please mention to me prior to the treatment, in our pre treatment phone call.

Active Ulcers
Addison’s disease
Having taken Bufo with in 6 weeks prior to KAMBO
Brain haemorrhage
Blod clots
Chemotherapy – 6 weeks post and prior
Heart Issues- Bypass surgery, Valve replacement, pacemaker, enlarged heart, implanted defibrillator Heart disease
Fluid in the heart
Organ Transplant
Serious mental health conditions exc, Depressions, PTSD and Anxiety
Medicated low blood pressure
Recent Internal surgeries – min 8 weeks post
Breast feeding- under 6 months
Under 18 years old
Asthmatic – please bring inhaler
Diabetics must bring insulin and food
Having taken COVID 19 vaccine within 4 weeks
Consumption of food within 8 hours
No fasting 7 days prior
No water fasting within 48 hours
Have been using, enemas, colonics, sauna or sweat lodge no less than 48 hours previous
No drugs and alcohol consumed within 48 hours 

How to prepare

Please report any medications or herbal supplements you may be on before continuing with the booking. It is required not to take these on the day until after the treatment.

Some medications/supplements are contraindicated and may have a risk of interactions with the Kambo.
It is suggested that you remove contact lenses, you may receive sananga eye drops which is a medicine sometimes use before to clear brain fog. It will also avoid any pain if swelling of the eyes occurs.
On the day there must be no food consumed for at least 8 hours and no more than 2 small glasses of water or herbal tea.
Although there is no particular “Dieta” to follow with KAMBO, it is advised to adopt a clean diet to reduce any toxic burden on the body a week to a few days prior to the treatment. Avoid or minimise meat, dairy, sugar, and spicy food. Salt is OK. Eat whole, nourishing and organic food if possible to best support your body in its detox process afterwards. Like I previously mentioned none of this is essential, but it has helped considerably in my own journey.
Depending on what your reason for working with Kambo is, it is recommended to come with an intention to work with, unless you are coming just for detox. Come dressed in loose comfortable clothing with easy access to the back in the eventuality that Kambo might need to be applied in this area. Please don’t wear hanging jewellery or anything that will catch or get in the way. 

Please bring:
3 litres of water with you, please no distilled water.
A blanket and pillow
(all of the above only if you are joining a group session, already provided if one to one)
A change of clothes.
A hair band to tie long hair back. 

The Ceremony

The session can last anything between 2-3 hours. After given safety information and consultation, you will be asked to drink between 1.5- 2 litres of water before the treatment begins. In order for the Kambo medicine to enter into the lymphatic system where it begins its work, it is necessary to very gently burn what we call gates onto the skin which is what the Kambo is then applied to. These gates usually return back to normal within a few months, however sometimes may scar. Traditionally, men apply Kambo on the upper left arm, and women on the lower right leg, however there are many other options we work with, this can be discussed on the day. Once the medicine is applied the timing of the actual treatment can last 25-45 minutes. Within a few minutes you are likely to experience a rush of heat, redness of the face, and quickly emerging nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and sometimes looseness of bowels and swelling of the face: this is the medicine travelling around the body going to exactly where it needs to do its work. These effects are all part of the detoxing and cleansing that Kambo brings. Once the medicine starts to subside, a resting period is taken to allow the body to recover. When ready, I will bring you tea and possibly food of some kind if you are feeling up to eating. 


It is ideal on the day if possible to allow peaceful time to integrate the effects of the Kambo, avoiding hard work, stress, alcohol and drugs, toxic processed foods and exercise. Allow time for napping and self care rituals, like a salt bath and a light hearted book or movie. The effects and benefits of Kambo are varied, and depending on how long you have been working with the medicine. Many people have reported a sense of calmness, increased energy, boosted positive mood, reduction in pain, a new found clarity, peace and a general feeling of all over wellbeing. However, during the day and maybe the day after, you may feel a little groggy and tired which is to be expected, your body has been working hard. There are a number of other side effects such as depression, aches and pains, insomnia, and intestinal irritation. This can be attributed to something called the Herxeimer effect, where symptoms can get worse before they get better. This is a very common reaction and will usually last between 1-7 days depending on the person. It is a good sign that the Kambo is working and moving out toxins.

Days after the Kambo it is usual to have clarity over subjects/issues you have been working on in your life. It may even feel like you are receiving divine messages. The ability of manifesting your thoughts is often witnessed during these times, so beware of your thoughts. You may also feel a little disorientated, overwhelmed and even emotional, these effects are quite normal and. It is helpful to let yourself experience the feelings, knowing they are part of the healing process. Again I find journaling helps to see the patterns that the Kambo is guiding us through.

If you are experiencing any difficulties after 5 days and would like a chat, I offer a free 30 minute consultation on the phone number provided above.

If you experience any head ache, dizziness, vomiting or nausea please contact me immediately.

Energetic exchange

-1 to 1 sessions £150
-Group sessions £90
-3 x times in lunar calendar, taking Kambo this way has proven to be the most effective, with increases in overall well-being and immunity. £360
-3X3 Is where Kambo is taken 3 x times in one session
For those wishing to go deeper into the process it is possible to book a triple treatment. These are treatments taken in succession with a 20 minute gap in between. The benefit of this form of treatment is that it enables the medicine to move more deeply into the body and for its effects to be amplified. A triple treatment is usually carried out over a period of 3 hours. £300

If you feel the calling please call or message me, and I will give you details to make a deposit, which will then confirm your journey in the energetic realm and in the diary. 



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